Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[[.. Happy Anniversary Myra ..]]

Salam Teman Teman,

I would be so glad to share this happiness with you guys.. [ M.Y.R.A ] and [ E.J.A.N ] is actually celebrating their Wedding Anniversary for the 2nd years.

Dear [ M.Y.R.A ],

Congratulations on your anniversary. May God bless you and your beloved family always!! For [ Z.A.R.A ]. See your mom and dad are so happy to have you sweetheart!! And aunty loves you too!!

Cant wait for your upcoming birthday princess!!

Love you guys loads!!


LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Happy anniversary utk dorang jugak..

semoga bahagia untk selamanya..

Mea Myra said...

OMG...auchh im soo touched.. darling i sayang you banyak2!! hehe thanks for the sweet entry.. thanks again. we loves you Fatiny Aimy! mwah

¤(`×[¤_MyA_¤]×´)¤ said...

Cik Dearie Lol,
Thanks for the wish..nanti i gtau mommy zara yeh...btw...sgt rindukan u all la :(..sbb bz je kan..tak smpat nak leave komen...dok bace cite je laju... january onwards i ll be free...sbb dah tak keje..itupon kalo nasib org panggil keje...rezeki...kene lah g gak..hehe.. wish me luck!!


Lve yu too la babe...lagi love zara to the max!! She is so so so much adorable...taktau nak ckp ape dah...Allah je yg tau...See this photo...die sgt comel!! And for u and ijan..i wish you all good luck and continuos!! Hugs And Kisses for Zara X:D

sis_nita said...

epi enibeseri to luvly kapel Myra n Ejan..


¤(`×[¤_MyA_¤]×´)¤ said...

Kak Nita,
Thanks for the wish..akan mya kabarkan padenye :"> anak die semakin cute kak....geram2..