Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year

Buat semua,

I will be on leave from tomorrow which is 24th January - 2nd January. Sebarang pesanan sila tinggaklan di hand-phone atau email je aku ya.

Selamat bercuti, happy holiday!!


Keringkan Tangisanmu Anak-Anak Palestin

This week marks the 90th anniversary of the Versailles Treaty. It was in January 1919, exactly 90 years ago, that the World War I victors — the United States, Britain, France and Italy — began drawing up the map of the current Middle East at the Paris conference. And creating much of the mess that you see today in the region, especially in the Holy Land.
Perhaps it’s only apt that the Western leaders descended on the Middle East this week on the 90th anniversary of the Versailles Treaty.

Within hours of Israel’s Ehud Olmert declaring “mission accomplished” in Gaza and even as Palestinians were burying their dead and picking up pieces, literally, of what remained of their lives, world leaders landed first in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt to deliberate on Israel’s security and then flew to Jerusalem. To do what? Perhaps to pat Olmert and his team on the back for what they have accomplished in Gaza.

The delegation included the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and European Union president.
Hailing Olmert for his “commitment to peace”, the visitors assured him of their utmost concern for the safety and security of Israel. “Six world leaders dropped everything to come here and express their support for Israel’s security,” an Israeli diplomat told San Francisco Sentinel. Israel’s security! That’s the buzzword. That’s what matters. The Sharm El-Sheikh summit also reiterated the world leaders’ commitment to the Middle East peace by “ending the arms smuggling into Gaza.” The peace process begins and ends with stopping of arms smuggling into Gaza. And European leaders repeatedly reassured Israel that has the fourth largest military in the world that they would do everything “to protect” it. Protecting Israel? From what? From those homeless and hungry people who have been under siege for years and constantly punished from air and the sea?

What is the mighty, nuclear-armed Israel afraid of? A defenseless people reeling from one of the deadliest and pusillanimous attacks ever inflicted on a civilian population by a military power?
The Palestinians have buried nearly 1,500 of their loved ones, more than 500 of them children. Many more could be buried under the rubble of those buildings and apartments Israel has flattened in its vicious war on the phantoms spawned by its own insecurities.
For full three weeks, world powers watched in dazed indifference as the brave Israeli Army bombed and bombed Gaza. The international community with all its fine institutions couldn’t or didn’t move a finger to stop the Jewish state as it went on a killing rampage for 22 days. And when this nightmare ended, you would have thought the world would rush to Gaza offering help and sympathy or at least a kind word if nothing else to make up for its criminal inaction all these days. But who cares for some dead Palestinians?

After all, as a colleague cynically argued, the Palestinians have always been dying as long as you could remember. What’s new? Indeed.. This is why these world leaders had no time to fuss over the Palestinian victims, especially if they happened to have died on the side of Hamas. The world doesn’t even pretend to be evenhanded in this hopeless game anymore. So just as Gazans were trying to make sense of what they’d just been through, the contingent of peacemakers lined up to shake hands with Olmert and drink to the health of Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak in Jerusalem. So what if they had been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people? Who cares if there’s blood on Israeli leaders’ hands? After all, this is not the first time the world has taken the side of the aggressor, rather than the victim.

Israel’s security is everyone’s responsibility. So France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, who had wowed many in the region with his mediation efforts earlier, led the European leaders in offering troops and all possible help to stop the weapons smuggling into Gaza. Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi offered the services of his Carabinieri for the same noble mission.

As if the smuggling of some humble essentials, and weapons at times, into Gaza was the real issue here; as though this was the only clear and present danger to world peace.
None of those worthies had the courage to tell Israel that it’s its brutal occupation that is at the heart of this conflict.

Why would those tunnels be dug up in the first place, if it weren’t for Israel’s lockdown of Gaza and incarceration of its entire population? Interestingly, amid all this peacemaking, there was no mention of what Israel has just visited on the people of Gaza. No condemnation of the innocent lives summarily snuffed out and no tears for Gaza’s children who died in their mothers’ arms — some in their wombs. Nary a word of sympathy for the thousands of Gazans who have lost everything they had to this war. No censure of deliberate targeting of schools, hospitals, mosques and UN shelters. Big powers could have cleared the historical mess they have created by being a little more just and reasonable toward the people who have been cheated out of their land as well as their freedom and dignity. Instead all they have done all these years is repeatedly add insult to injury by always siding with the ruthless bully that they have imposed on the Middle East.
But not all the world powers and their endless plotting can defeat the Palestinian resolve to set themselves free. Israel can go on shouting to the world it has won in Gaza. Olmert could go on crowing that Israel’s objectives have been met. But what has Israel accomplished in Gaza except killing more innocents to prove its invincibility?

Even its much-touted goal of obliterating Hamas remains far from realized. The resistance movement remains standing on its feet and is as resolute as ever in its quest for freedom. In fact, this obsessive campaign against Hamas has only added to its stature, not just in the eyes of the Palestinians but across the Muslim world. More important, it has given Hamas the legitimacy that Israel and the West have tried to deny it all this while.

What happened in Gaza is nothing but a disgraceful defeat of Israel, even worse than what it suffered in Lebanon in 2006. Israel might have destroyed the tiny piece of land that epitomizes defiance and resilience of human spirit like no other city perhaps ever has. But it can never crush the indomitable spirit of the Palestinian people. The idea of a Free Palestine will outlive and outlast every scheming tyrant desperate for short-lived glory.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tanah Rata - Cameron Higlands - Brinchang

··¤(`×[¤ LaTa IsKanDar ¤]×´)¤··

··¤(`×[¤ HasBen And I ¤]×´)¤··
··¤(`×[¤ LiLy PaRk ¤]×´)¤··

Perjalanan menuju ke Tanah Rata agak baik cuma menempuh satu saja halangan dimana berlakunya landslide. Mujur kami tidak terkandas, dalam hati, aku bersyukur ke hadrat Allah. Masih dikurniakan kemudahan untuk kami meneruskan perjalanan. Hati aku berbisik, kalaulah kami terkambus di bawah runtuhan itu, pasti kami manemui ajal. Nauzubillah. Hasben berhati hati memandu wlau aku tahu dia dalam kepenatan, cukup cekap matanya memandang jalan dihadapannya yang bagaikan ular di palu dengan kapak. Walau aku tanyakan pada hasben sama ada mahu aku gantikan tempatnya? Oh! Katanya tak perlu. Hasben pernah katakan pada aku selagi dia mampu pandu sendiri tidak sekali kali akan menyuruh aku pandu walau sepenat manapun dia. Dia lebih rela berhenti tidur di tepi jalan. Oh! Aku sangat terharu tau. (Cik Mira sile jeles lagi ya!) atau mungkin dia takut jika aku yang pandu sebab aku pandu kereta sama macam F1 driver. Haha!! Dengan sedaya upaya hasben sengkangkan matanya untuk sampaikan diri kami ke Tanah Rata.

Setibanya kami di Tanah Rata, jam menunjukkan angka hampir 10 pagi. Kami tuju satu persatu hotel untuk kami bermalam. Sudah aku katakan kami mengembara ikut suka. "Gamble" baru seronok. Kami tuju semua hotel di Tanah Rata tapi nasib tidak menyebelahi kami. Kami ke Brinchang pula. Aduh! Masih lagi tidak ketemui hotel untuk kami bermalam. Biasalah kami tidak sedar yang bulan itu adalah bulan sekolah bercuti. Jadi ramailah pengunjung tanah dingin itu. Sekali lagi kami mencuba nasib di Brinchang, Alhamdulillah ada jugak akhirnya tempat untuk kami bermalam. Country Lodge Resort. Oklah kan..Semalam kena RM230. Okaylah tu dari takde langsung tempat untuk kami bermalam.

Selesai kami angkut barang kami masuk ke bilik, kami berlabuh dia atas katil. Oh!Oh! Sangat lega bila dapat berlabuh di atas katil. Sudahlah malam tadi kami tidak dapat tidur kerana perjalanan dari K. Lumpur ke Lumut ke Cameron Highlands. Sangat lelah. Hasben tidak sempat untuk berbuat apa apa tatkala aku sedang mengemaskan backpak kami, aku terdengar dengkuran halus sang hasben. Ah! Kesian hasben. Tentu kehabisan tenaga. Sambil tangan aku mengemas sambil aku berfikir, apa aktiviti yang bakal kami lakukan ya bila petang menjelang tiba. Perut aku masih belum berisi ni. Lapar pula. Untuk mengisi perut aku perlu kejutkan hasben tapi, tidak pula sampai hati aku mengganggu tidurnya yang nyenyak.

Sementara menanti hasben bangun dari peraduan, aku rasa lebih bagus kalau aku bersiram dulu. Dari semalam aku tak mandi. Oh! Oh! Nasib baik aku wangi. Aku capai towel dan juga pouch tempat aku sumbat toilettriesku menuju terus ke dalam toire. Wah!! Ada long bath lah. Seronok ni. Kalau macam ni, 2 3 jam di dalam toire pun takpe. Aku picitkan shower gel ku ke dalam tub dan aku bukakan pili air panas. Aku berlalu seketika keluar untuk aku biarkan air separa penuh. Aku hidupkan tv. Oh! Tiada cerita menarik untuk aku tonton. Sangat bosan. Aku tutup tv dan berlalu ke toire lagi. Oh! Buih sudah mahu melimpah. Aku tutup pili air dan aku rasa dulu suhu air dengan sikuku. Okay bagiku. Apalagi, berlabuhlah badan aku dalam tub itu. Fuhh! Mantap! Aku capai loofah aku gosokkan badan aku. Usai itu, aku sandarkan kepala ku di head rest dan aku letakkan mukaku dengan towel suam. Oh!Oh!Oh! Sangat nyaman. Tidak aku sedar tika bila aku terlelap di dalam tub itu. Memang aku menikmati long bath aku. Aku tersedar bila terasa ada orang megetuk pintu toire. "Beby, bukak pintu ni, ape lame sangat kat dalam tu?", terkejut aku dengan ketukan hasben. Aku katakan padanya sebentar untuk aku bangun dan membuka pintu.

Tersembul muka hasben di depan pintu, muka yang terpisat pisat mungkin kemamaian dek tidur tadi. Aku berlalu capai robe and balut badan ku. Sudahlah kot. Dah lama aku dalam tu. Brapa lama lagi aku nak duduk dalam tub tu. Hahaha!! Sesudah aku mengenakan baju aku, aku selongkar bakpack untuk ku cari Linen bottom aku. Ish! Mana pulak perginya. Oh! Oh! aku terlupa yang aku keluarkan tadi dan aku sangkut ke dalam almari. Aku tuju sliding wardrobe, lalu aku capai Linen bottom milik aku. Aku sarungkan ke kaki aku stoking. Sejuk lah!!

Di luar gerimis. Dingin bertambah. Hasben masuk menggantikan tempat aku di dalam tub mungkin. Lama sungguh tapi tidak juga keluar keluar. Oh! Oh! Menikmati kesuaman air mungkin. Aku ingin keluar berjalan jalan. Tidaklah asyik terperuk saja di dalam bilik kan. Aku keluarkan jeans dan t-shirt hitam Extreme aku yang telah lusuh. Aku kenakan di badan aku.

Sementara menanti hasben sudah, aku calitkan sedikit mekap ke muka aku. Cukup sekadar lip balm, foundation dan eye brow liner. Aku capai Envy 2 dan ku semburkan ke pergelangan, aku palitkan ke belakang telinga aku. Sementara menanti aku tonton Tv yang ntah apa cerita. Sekejap, hasben keluar. Wah! Lamanya mandi. Haha. Segar bugar muka hasben selepas mandi. Wah!! Aku suka. Aku tanya pasa hasben baju apa yang hasben mahu pakai. Hasben kata baju apa apa pun boleh. Hasben tanya padaku tak tunggu zuhur ker. Oh ya! Lupa pula aku mahu khabarkan pada hasben yang aku uzur. Hasben nanti Zuhur dengan kain pelikatnya. Haha! Sekali pandang sudah macam rupa lebai kedekut.

Setelah selesai hasben solat Zuhur jamak ke Asar, barulah hasben bersiap. Urgh! Hasben bersiap kalah perempuan. Lama. Kami keluar ketika jam menunjukkan hampir ke pukul 2 petang. Kemana? Oh! Makanlah. Sudah lapar. Kami tuju Tanah Rata untuk makan, deretan kedai yang bergugus manusia. Ada satu kedai menyediakan sayur kailan ikan masin yang sgt lazat. Ke sana la kami tuju. Kemana lagi. Setiap kali kami ke sini, wajib untuk pekena sayur kailan ikan masin hasil air tangan tukang masak lelaki. Entah ubat mandrem apa yang digunakannya. Haha! Selesai makan kami teruskan trip kami berjalan jalan melawat kawasan indah di bumi Cameron Highlands itu. Habis semua tempat kami pusing. Aku teringat akan mahu membeli roses dan sayur untuk dibawa pulang. Tapi hasben kata esoklah tika mahu turun nanti layu katanya. Jadi, aku ikutkan saja. Setalah penat kami melawat, jam hampir maghrib, so aku katakan pada hasben yang aku malas mahu keluar malam ini. So, tapau saja boleh? Tanya aku pada hasben. Tapi malam ini pasar malam ya? Oh! Oh! Ada jagung bakar. Aku suka jagung bakar. Aku tukar fikiran aku, aku katakan pada hasben aku mahu ke pasar malam. Teruslah kami pulang ke hotel.
Sudah hasben mandi, aku siapkan diri. Dingin ya malam di Tanah Tinggi ini. Oh! Oh! Aku kenakan hooded Fubu yang ntah berapa tahun usianya. Dari zaman aku study di UITM dulu. Lama.
Hasben pakai seluar jeans dan sweater. Berselipar jepun kami berjalan ke pasar malam yang terletak tidak jauh dari hotel tempat kami menginap. Mahu drive? Oh! Oh! Jalan jem lah! Leceh! Menapak sejauh 1km best juga malam malam. Tak panas. Sampai sahaja ke pasar malam, mata aku meliar cari jagung bakar. 4 tonggkol aku beli jagung bakar. Hasben beli rangka ayam yang penyet dilanggar lori. Suka sangat makan rangka ayam. Habis membeli belah, kami pulang ke bilik. Makan sambil tengok Tv. Best!

Esok sudah pulang ke KL. Selesai makan kami kemaskan meja dan kami berlabuh untuk menonton Tv. Mata semakin kelat. Lepas makan kan? Haha! Oh! Esok aku akan tinggalkan sini, pulang ke KL. Aku bosan kehidupan di kota metropolitan yang hingar. Bosan dengan hiruk pikuk mat mat rempit yang tak tahu bila akan mati mereka itu. Bosan! Bosan! Bosan! Tanpa aku sedari tika aku pikir tentang kebosanan, aku terlelap dalam dakapan hasben.

To Be Continued...