Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dear Pudding,
Get well soon dear..So that your Jie Jie wont be crying and missing you anymore.. So that she wont be wasting her tears again... Be strong baby.. Hold it there.. God will always be with you in fighting your illness...

For the doctor,
Please make sure that Pudding is always in good condition.. As you know doc, his Jie Jie is missing him so damn much!!

Lets pray for Pudding's health and hope that he will be back home soon!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

¤(`×[¤_HappY BirThday ZaRa_¤]×´)¤

Salam All,
This entry is specially made for my beloved

[ Z.A.R.A ].

Anty loves you to the max dear darling!! Muaks!!! Grow up and be wise ya baby..

Hugs And Kisses!!

Aunt Ammy