Thursday, December 2, 2010

[[.. The Colors Of Life ..]]

Good Day to all of the readers,

What would be the color of you life? Would it be Green? Blue? Red? Magenta? Orange?

For me..warna kehidupan membawa erti tersendiri...and i have got no idea what would be korang punye warna kan..

Like the MAGENTA flowers that grow in our gardens,
and beautify our surroundings.

Like the INDIGO bunting that flies around the country side,
chirping away and reminding us of the beautiful forms of life.

Like the bright BLUE sky that lights up the start of our day,
and makes us love getting up in the best mood.

Like the GREEN color all over around us,
that keeps our planet fresh and supports life.

Like the bright YELLOW sunshine falling upon us,
that keeps us warm and brightens up our life.

Like the ORANGE fruit that we eat,
much like all that natures provides us hungry beings.

Like the RED blood that runs all through our body,
that energizes us and helps us to keep going.

Life is all about

Mya Amy Meow..


deaf-angel said...

dapat lihat warna warni tu anugerah Allah.

¤(`×[¤_MyA_¤]×´)¤ said...


Ya..anugerah Allah...cube bayangkan kalau kite buta warna kan?? huhu :)